An inspiring physical space for the iconic Moleskine brand.

Working inhouse at branding agency Accept & Proceed, we helped bring to life the category-leading Moleskine brand in-store, by reimagining it as a ‘platform for the imagination’.

Briefed to better engage their core audience in-store, increase spend and elevate Moleskine’s product range beyond their iconic notebook, we reveal the key was to target younger Millenial customers through uniquely Moleskine experiences.

The iconic rounded corner and Moleskine logo are referenced in key details across the interior elements. Areas for discovery and digital content are embedded in strategic positions throughout the concept to engage and inform visitors during their visit.

A flexible display system provides a simple and minimal backdrop for Moleskine’s ever-changing range of products. Interspersed between the product lies a series of brand moments, which meld analogue and the digital experiences to both inform and inspire the customer. Mid-floor islands allow for focused customer interactions and opportunities to communicate Moleskine’s digital and personalisation services.

Natural tones of raw oak suggest a domestic warmth to the space, white table surfaces reference the opportunity of a blank page and thin metal frames of the fixtures provide a graphic grid to define space and focus attention.

The result is a store that balances the complex commercial requirements of a cross-category lifestyle brand, with curated digital and physical in-store experiences.