Carhartt WIP's new flagship store in the heart of London's Shoreditch.

London based Counterfeit Studio has designed a new store for the global fashion brand Carhartt Work in Progress. The large open plan space in the heart of London’s Shoreditch represents a step up in size from the already established smaller premises in E1.

The ubiquitous C logo appears in two key locations in the new store; a solid cast brass oversized door handle and a glowing green neon C on the rear wall of the store. These two simple applications help land the brand in the space and provide maximum visual impact.

A terrazzo floor greets visitors and helps define the front portion of the store from the more expansive rear. The monolithic cash desk, fabricated from recycled plastic, is a material more commonly found in agricultural scenarios but here repurposed to add texture, colour and highlight the sustainable aspirations of the brand.

Accessories are housed in glass vitrines as well as displayed on a Douglas fir pegboard. Bespoke black metal display fixtures are visually linked to the connectors used throughout the store to join the metal poles. Shelves and other furniture pieces are made from Dinesen’s solid Douglas fir planks.

The rear part of the store with off white walls and exposed brick is broken up by the graphic lines of matt black horizontal and vertical poles. These break up the space into smaller product bays as well as create hanging space for the presentation of the garments.

A collaboration with the Dutch creative duo Odd Matter has resulted in three pieces of site-specific furniture. A large abstract totem sits in the window and two mid-floor table structures act as both functional display plinths and focal pieces within the store. Crafted from cork chips mixed with plaster, the unique technique developed by the studio has given rise to a family of objects known as the ‘Mass’ collection.