The definition of Footpatrol's new global brand DNA.

Situated in the Le Marais district in Paris, this store represents Footpatrol’s first international venture, away from its London home in SoHo.

Tasked with establishing a new design language that would better reflect the brand’s premium product mix, our solution maintains iconic elements of the original store, which have helped define the it as the UK’s leading sneaker destination.

In Paris, the classic but striking black storefront, reminiscent of the London store, helps to focus the eye on what lies inside: a clean, modern and minimal space dedicated to sneakers.

The palette is concise, applying the same resourceful approach to utilitarian materials that underpinned Footpatrol’s previous store iterations. Here, the concrete walls and floor provide an industrial contrast to the patina of the original Parisian stone wall. GRP (Fibreglass) sections, more commonly used on external fire escapes, have been re-appropriated as oversized benches, display shelving system and cladding to the cash desk. These graphic forms provide a neutral backdrop which allows the product to take centre stage.

To maintain a relationship with the sister store in London, negative space is used to form the same volume as the infamous ‘shed’. Suspended galvanised steel fins reference the pitched roof silhouette of the original London store, their reflection in a mirrored rear wall creates the illusion of depth and draws the eye to the rear of the store where the star of the show is situated: the Footpatrol gas mask logo.

The recognisable gas mask  logo has been recreated in clean white neon. To elevate the execution, the neon is encased in ‘infinity’ mirror, to further play with the illusion of depth and provide the visual impact that draws customers in. The neon is set centrally behind the cash desk creating an eye-catching focal point to the store.