Reimagining London’s premier destination for contemporary sneaker culture.

As Footpatrol approached its 9th year at the Berwick Street location and 17th year since the brand’s inception, we were briefed to reimagine the store, updating it to suit today’s sneaker culture whilst setting the direction for the future.

With such an established DNA, maintaining a sense of the Footpatrol brand identity was critical, so retaining the original iconic pitched roof ‘shed’ structure formed an essential part of the brief.

Optimising the layout of the small store to improve customer flow also better facilitates social events, product launches and brand campaigns.

The cash desk, now located at the front of the store, is surrounded by durable galvanized wall cladding defining the area as the key campaign and marketing zone –  functioning as a billboard for brand activations to passing customers.

Self-coloured fibreglass sections, more commonly used on external fire escapes, has been re-appropriated as oversized benches, display shelving and cladding to the rear section of the store. The cladding conceals a flexible an illuminated shelving system to allow the staff to reconfigure the store as required, in any which way necessary.

The neutral tones of the fibreglass and galvanised cladding provide a modern, and engineered backdrop, allowing the product to take centre stage and establishes a directional brand language for Footpatrol’s future.