Elevating utilitarian simplicity for Carhartt's third London location.

Carhartt treat each of their stores as an individual entity, loosely connected to the family of international stores by a palette that parallels their product: simple and utilitarian.

For London’s SoHo store, we exposed the double-height brickwork shell to provide an industrial backdrop from which to overlay a minimalist series of product presentations pieces.

The rails and tables in galvanised steel tube, draw inspiration from scaffolding tubes, whilst shelving is softwood shuttering ply which all compliment the impression of an unassuming and timeless streetwear store.

A ‘Nero’ marble cash desk, doubling as a DJ booth for social events, adds a prominent premium feature within the space. The marble cash desk is second only to the ‘pièce de résistance’, a suspended neon map of Carhartt’s birthplace Detroit, which dominates the ceiling space to create an eye-catching and Instagram-able moment.